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A subsidiary of Rolls-Royce, Controls and Data Services (CDS) was formed from the merging of AEC, OSyS and the Super Structure Group. Building controls and software for military and civil aerospace as well as general industry, their solutions increase performance, boost efficiency, reduce costs and improve safety for some of the world's largest companies.


For the global launch of CDS, we were tasked with the planning, creation and delivery of their corporate website.

A new, responsive website was required to combine the services of each company and provide a clean, modern, user-friendly interface. It had to meet a tight deadline, launch seamlessly (as it was needed to simultaneously replace three separate websites), and significantly improve upon their previous site structures in readability and user experience.


A carefully engineered website for one of the world's greatest engineering companies.


“Authentic provided great insight, strategy and dedication in creating for us a market-leading site. Their knowledge and expertise were invaluable throughout the project, especially during the launch.”

Controls & Data Services

Overseeing the entire project, we developed a new site architecture, collated and rewrote the content and created a responsive website to provide an enhanced experience across all digital devices. Careful planning ensured a successful launch, simultaneously replacing the original 3 websites while maintaining and subsequently improving search rankings.

True to our commitment, we worked late nights and early mornings to ensure absolute readiness for the global launch of Controls and Data Services.

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