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​What’s the best way to generate new business? How should customer support be approached? The engineering industry is driven by innovation, but it struggles to apply that spirit to these questions. Let’s look at this disparity, and see why it’s so important to address it.


It’s an annual tradition in the design world: agencies lining up to present their predictions for the coming year. Today, it falls upon me to talk about the trends I think will dominate UX and design as 2016 kicks into high gear. Will there be an even greater increase in mobile focus? Will user experience become even more tailored? Will the UX process we all know and love change so radically that we’ll have to call it something else altogether? Maybe not, but time will tell. I’m excited to find out!


Fresh off being selected for the prestigious Small Biz 100 group, we're hosting a FREE business growth workshop at Weston’s iconic Grand Pier on November 30th, inviting local business owners to join us for an afternoon of collaboration and mutual support.


I’m always trying to stay on top of new trends, particularly those involving the latest and greatest tools being used by influential agencies. When I started looking into InVision, I quickly saw that it had great potential, both as a tool for presenting updates to Authentic clients and as an integral part of my everyday design process.


Taking the first big step in the introduction of their new web browser (previously known only as Project Spartan), Microsoft held the inaugural Microsoft Edge Web Summit for developers on May 5th 2015. Surprisingly, the tech giants revealed a good deal of information about their plans for Edge, some of which I think will be really exciting for developers and average Joes alike.


Mobile app design & UX/UI standards have evolved rapidly to meet the needs of maturing mobile platforms, and, only three months into 2015, some great new milestones have already been reached in the app industry. It’s easy to understand why, as Ofcom data* shows us that more than 88% of young adults own a smartphone. In light of this, I will detail some of the major themes in mobile design and usability that are present in 2015’s early trends, and consider how things are likely to progress as the year continues.


The design process is a slow one at the best of times. Sometimes it can feel like your talent and capability have deserted you entirely. Well, there's an extremely important process I'd like to talk about today...